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Gas prices good for business?

Published By Ryan on May.28.2008 at 8:00AM

Yesterday on the CBC's (Canadian Broadcast Corp.) Q with Jian Ghomeshi, Jian brought up the idea that this summer's gas prices could be the ultimate excuse for everything. Just blame gas.

If this theory is true, how will this affect your business?

Are your customers going to skip the trip to the mall, or your office because the cost of gas is too high? Not likely, but now might be a good time to evaluate how useful your website really is.

Does it meet your customers' needs?

Maybe it's time to bring your storefront online with an e-commerce section. Or maybe a bigger, better catalogue so people know it's worth guzzling gas for a great product

Bottom line: Technology is always changing. It's always worth reviewing your site to see if there is anything you can do to make the experience better for your customer

Full of... design

Published By Ryan on May.27.2008 at 8:09PM

Download our Full of Coffee wallpaper

When we started branding the company we had a large list of requirements for a logo.

First, we wanted a simple logo, one that could be used alongside our client's designs without taking away from the efforts we put into their site.

We ended up picking Helvetica to form our logo, love it or hate it, it is a simple and elegant typeface

A close-up of our new postcard

Second, we wanted something tongue and cheek. We decided that leaving a blank at the end of full of gave the logo that perfect quirk.

A FoD sticker on one of the company laptops

Third, we wanted a logo that had all kinds of applications. We wanted a logo that was more than just a logo. We wanted something we could carry across all of our marketing items. When we say thank you, we want to be full of thanks. If we're sending invoices we could let you know that the mail is full of bills.