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The best idea Tim Hortons never had

Published By Ryan on Oct.28.2009 at 4:50PM


Battle of the Coffee giants

Starbucks and Tim Hortons are both trying to help the environment one cup at a time.

Last Earth day, Starbucks gave a free cup of Pike's Place Blend to anyone who came along with their own mug. Every day after that you could save 10 cents by doing the same thing


Starbucks Earth Day promo

Tim Hortons quickly started advertising the same deal for reusable mugs, even though they had been offering the 10 cent discount for quite some time.


Timmie's promo

Tim Hortons has taken their enviro-concious business plan and expanded, here, there, and everywhere in an attempt to beat out Starbucks.

Not only is Timmie's offering a discount for bringing your own mug, but they are using ceramic mugs in the store again when you tell them you are staying.

They have also started composting the coffee grounds in various regions (not Ontario) across the country.

Most recently, Tim Hortons sealed off all of their garbage cans and installed new recycling centers. This is great, but there are two problems I see with this: A) Most people take their purchase 'To Go' and take their trash with them anyway. B) They did not implement this at the drive-thru; the one place I am most likely to toss out my old coffee cup.

I'm not trying to argue which coffee giant is better for the environment. I know Starbucks is constantly adding to their enviro-street-cred too. They are currently striving to have a 30% post-consumer content in all of their paper products, they recycle the burlap bags the beans come in, and they are running all kinds of conservation initiatives.

Both of these companies are trying to take one of the most wasteful and destructive products Canadians buy (the disposable coffee) and cause less harm... and I have a suggestion for Tim Hortons to win the battle

No matter how many cups of Pike's Place that Starbucks gives away, you can win Tim Hortons... all you have to do is this:


An eco-friendly version of Roll Up The Rim... plus you still save 10 cents!